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Little Rock n Roll

Tits and Ass with Soul, baby

5 July 1985
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60’s, 70’s, a clockwork orange, absolutely fabulos, aerosmith, agatha christie, alan warner, albert camus, alexisonfire, almost famous, andy warhol, anita pallenberg, anna karina, annie hall, barbarella, bebe buell, bettie page, big sunglasses, black liquid eyeliner, bob dylan, books, boondock saints, brian jones, brigitte bardot, charles bukowski, charlie watts, chuck palahniuk, coupling, dallas green, david bowie, david lynch, debbie harry, dostoevsky, electric guitars, elvis costello, exile on main street, faster pussycat! kill! kill!, fawlty towers, femme fatales, fight club, french films, garage music, gimme shelter, glam rock, glamour, go-go, green day, guitars, harry potter, hippies, hole, hubert selby, i hate my generation, iain banks, iggy and the stooges, j.k. rowling, jack kerouac, james ellroy, jane austen, janis joplin, jean luc godard, jefferson airplane, jerzy kosinski, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, joe strummer, john bonham, john cleese, john waters, juliette and the licks, keith moon, keith richards, kissing, kurt vonnegut, led zeppelin, lester bangs, let it bleed, mamas and the papas, marianne faithfull, marilyn monroe, michael lang, michael shrieve, mick jagger, mighty aphrodite, mods, morvern callar, movies, music, musicians, nylon, pamela des barres, patti smith, pin-ups, pink floyd, play it again sam, protest the hero, psychedelic, psycho beach party, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, refused, robert plant, rock n roll, rock stars, rockers, rocky horror picture show, rod stewart, roddy doyle, roman polanski, ronnie wood, russ meyer, santana, smashing pumpkins, sticky fingers, syd barrett, sympathy for the devil, tattoos, the beatles, the bled, the clash, the doors, the faces, the gtos, the hives, the monkees, the new york dolls, the ramones, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, the small faces, the used, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the who, the yardbirds, todd rundgren, toronto, vincent gallo, vintage clothing, vinyl, vodka, woodstock, woody allen, ziggy stardust